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Randoms …

I started this whole long thing about MI and men and boys and misogyny.  Didn’t work out.  Too much that’s too muddled in the brain.

My 12-year-old son has mental illness.  To start out with (and the least of his problems), he’s on the autism spectrum, but more to the point he’s got mood disorders.  Major temper problems, lashing out is his standard method of interaction.  He’s truthfully more than I know how to deal with.  

DH has (had) two aunts with mental illness, may they rest in peace.  His mother’s sister received treatment for it for years and was totally in control of her life … held a steady job, read the New York Times from cover to cover every day, went to museums, did sketches and artwork that was even published, and was generally very together for someone with mental illness.  His father’s sister, on the other hand, was untreated, and was quite off the deep end.  A bag lady for years at a time. She would talk about laser beams and the Kennedys and who knows what else.  

So that’s the bookends and my son is the book in between.  How the story goes, nobody knows.

But we spent the morning at his psychiatrist’s office (without him, since he refused to come) and at the social welfare office, trying to get a social worker assigned to help us with his benefits, etc.  Not so simple.

So now I have to tackle the backlog, and what am I doing?  Reading blogs by women obsessing about Jamie Frasier.  Help me L!rd.  This is not getting me anywhere.  Fictional perfect men can’t help me, no matter how perfect they may be.

More later.  I like this place to vent.  Should probably mark it all private, ‘ey?


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