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So I don’t get the PhantomoftheOpera love.  Really, I don’t.  And I adore the thing.

But honestly, I adore the thing for Gerry.  I could very happily live without any other adaptation (including the one I saw on B’way almost 30 years ago) of the musical and any other version of the book, even.  Leroux wrote another ugly-guy-wants-beautiful-girl story, except that in his version the ugly guy was uglier than usual and was also brilliant but was also batshitfuckingcrazy.  Pardon my French.  But he was.   And I enjoyed the book, but I wouldn’t want to kiss a guy without a nose, if I could avoid it.  Does that make me shallow?  Not sure.  Doubt it, though.

And the ugly-guy-gets-the-girl trope has been done in so many variations, that I am not getting why this ugly-guy-doesn’t-get-girl-in-the-end is supposed to be so much more … more.

Except for the movie.  The 2004 movie.  The 2004 movie adaptation of the ALW musical.  To be precise.  Because the ugly guy isn’t actually ugly at all.  He’s a gorgeous masterpiece of a man on half of his face, and the other half is, well, not quite so pretty, but really, with eyes like that, who needs to look at the rest of the face anyway?  And who wouldn’t want to be the object of adoring eyes that look like that?  (Really, Gerry’s eyes are truly something special.  But anyway.)

And all of this is why fanfic is a fine thing.  Because it can give us the variations on the Gerik-has-his-life-validated-when-Christine-takes-her-head-outta-her-ass-and-sees-that-she’s-supposed-to-be-with-Gerik story ending that we need.  Or that I need, anyway.

Would I want to have my life to do over so that I can do all the right things to be the object of such adoration?

No.  Because if he didn’t look like Gerry, I wouldn’t be interested anyway.

Okay.  So this is the fangirl blog of someone way too old for this.  Like, my-friends-are-already-grandparents too old.  But that’s okay.  Old people need outlets, too.  Even if we stopped being teenagers decades ago, we can play pretend, right?



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